The debut drum library from Matthew Weiss

Maybe madness or maybe to make a statement: The Maio Collection boasts over 160 professionally recorded acoustic drums that hit every bit as hard as synthetic drums while retaining the character, quirk and texture of natural drums.

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  • Weiss Drums

professionally recorded Professionally recorded

The Maio Collection was recorded through a vintage API Console into a Studer A820 tape machine at 15ips.

Meticulously processed Meticulously processed

We used a combination of studio staples and gear designed by Matt to give these drums their unique sound.

Tweaked to perfectionTweaked to perfection

Over 150 unique drum sounds were carefully crafted from a selection of over a thousand acoustic one shots.

Ready for you Ready for you

The musical possibilities are endless with these drums and we can't wait to hear the music you create with them.

So what's up with these drums?

Growing up on 90s Hip-Hop, I fell in love with the texture and character of drums that were chopped from breaks and programmed in vintage samplers. But around the late 90s, early 2000s, synthetic drums became the popular sound: cleaner, crisper, harder-hitting.

My goal is to reinvent the sound that I remember in a new way and make natural acoustic drums sound as unique and crisp as synthetic drums.

Studio Kawari Sound → Vintage API console → Studer A820 tape machine (15ips)
Mixing Analog outboard gear, digital plugins and lots of secret sauce
Format .WAV — 24-Bit / 44 kHz
Includes 31 snares + 29 kicks + 46 cymbals + 44 hi-hats + 9 percussion + 4 toms
License 100% royalty free — do anything you want with them!

Includes 31 Snare Drums

Honest Tom owns a Taco Shop. The manager, Dishonest Bob, decided to make off with Tom's taco recipe. Bob opened his own shop down the street. But Honest Tom was not dissuaded. He came up with a new recipe, held a re-grand opening, and ultimately put Dishonest Bob out of business.

Includes 29 Kick Drums

Meet Griswald. Griswald is a 98 years old Hungarian man who lives in a cave. He used to be a leather tanner, but then he went crazy. He's 5'5", 280lbs., and enjoys screaming at birds. He's full of grunge, muscle, and makes himself known to anyone listening.

Includes 44 Hi-Hats

After Goldie Locks violated their home, the three bears, Mama, Papa, and Baby decided to open a venture capitalist firm. Their first portfolio grossed over four million dollars and set the bears off on a course of profound success. To this day, Bear, Bear & Bear is still one of the most in demand investment firms in Deutschland.

Includes 46 Cymbals

Malevolent Max spent years coming up with various ways to destroy the world. Weather-controlling machines, reanimated dead people, various viruses and ray guns all came to fruition and ultimately failed. One of the most curious weapons of doom was a fourteen ton glitter bomb.

Includes 4 Toms

These are Tom Drums. But not to be confused with Honest Tom's Drums. Toms go "domp," "thump," "womp." Honest Tom's go "crunch," like a taco.

Includes 6 Tambourines + 3 Shakers

Questing for destruction, Dishonest Bob teamed up with Malevolent Max to create a taco of mass destruction. It was seasoned with decaying neutrons. All it required was one spark to blow. Unfortunately, there was a passerby smoking a cigarette directly outside of Malevolent Max's secret laboratory...